Occult asteroids

I looked up things about them like Ceres, Pallas, Juno etc. Here is mine with a few asteroids in there. IP: Logged.

Asteroid Files: Season of the Witch

Such Asteroids have the maximum impact. I have written three small articles about general Asteroids, they will help. Not sure what it means but I'm off to Google it right now Posts: From: N. When I'm really sick my doctor tells me I look like a gnome because all my fashion goes out the window.

I will have like monkey pg pants on, a purple zip up hoodie on, a skull cap on, with my hood on too Thule 7 deg Libra house 5 Squares Venus Thule sounds really interesting but also racist. I wonder how Thule plays out in racist, masons,and skinhead kids chart She also was helping Isis tracking and finding all the pieces of Osiris, after her husband and brother Set had killed Osiris and cut into 7 pieces was it 7 or 14?

I do not remember. Anyway, with Nepthys conjunct Sun I would check for other Egyptian asteroid. Maybe there is a theme. None of the others conjunct my sun moon or ascendant; the closest I found was Ubasti conjunct my North Node.

Yeah I believe in past lives. In my own chart I have a certain pattern around degrees, involving the Egyptians. As a matter of fact I was just checking a synastry with a guy, and turns out he ALSO has a degree pattern with Egyptian asteroids. Sounds fun.

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And my ancestors are all European as far as I know. What I noticed in the case of telepathy in synastry were strong tight aspects of: Psyche and Pallas especially to each other, Moon, Mercury, Neptune, Pluto and ASC And of course the usual ones with neptune. I think IQ stated that Pallas conjunct Moon is one of the strongest indication of potential telepathic contact.

He was especially good at this, I wish he knew now!!!This could be a great learning exercise since so many people here are gifted in this sphere. It would be more accurate to say some people have developed psychic abilities since everyone can be psychic. Wiki defines it thus: To perceive information hidden from the normal senses through extrasensory perception ESP. These could be used to sense information not only in this life, but also the spirit world, past lives and other dimensions. Aw heck!

A typo in the title. IP: Logged. Neptune and Moon are usually involved. As well Pallas and a range of other asteroids. The list could be very long. Any others? I'm sure there are several others I'm just not recalling, at the moment. I have strong empathic abilities and I also have clairaudience. I have Uranus conjunct psyche in Scorpio which gives me strong precongnition.

I also have been told I have healing abilities. Below is my chart. Pisces more dreams things. I am Cancer Moon and mars and everything I feel is in my gut. Neptune aspects help too. I have Merc and Sun trine Neptune in the 1st house.

Go For it.

occult asteroids

It is Free, of course. She has prophetic dreams. I have good intuition and overall insight. My strength lies in "knowing" things no matter how they try to be hidden. I can also function as a mouthpiece for truth that must be said. I have telepathic connections to those who are receptive, and an able to sense dimensional shifts. Perhaps due to karmic reward.

I interpret it as having direct contact with positive entities, either in the physical or astral realm. Aligned with my SUN core being, health, illuminationit can mean as you said.With Halloween just around the corner, the witching season is upon us, and as with most things, astrology has something to say about it. Together with Hekatean ancient Greek goddess of the magickal arts later reinterpreted in the Middle Ages as Goddess of the Witches, these three figure prominently in the charts of actresses who have memorably portrayed these much-maligned spell-casters.

Hamilton has haunted the nightmares of generations of children with her classic peaked, flared-brimmed hat, jet black ensemble, clawed fingers and straggly broom. Lake, as a resurrected 17th century witch who had been burned at the stake, takes revenge on the descendant of her persecutor, attempting to break up his engagement with a love potion which backfires, miring Lake in its powerful spell instead.

The hapless Gillian, always unlucky in romance, falls for Stewart, but another love potion gone awry steals her heart away, and forces her to choose between her witchy powers and the agonies of true love. Eva shows a public face of elegance and style, but underneath is a hunchbacked, demonic-looking creature, intent on ridding the world of children by turning them all into mice.

Foiled in her evil scheme by a group of youngsters, the tables are turned and the witches themselves are transformed, then killed as pesky rodents by the adults. With her sisters Sarah and Mary Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy NajimyWinifred has just the night of Halloween to make a potion that will ensure her immortality, but is brought to grief by a trio of youths and a talking black cat in reality a boy she cursed centuries ago.

The orphaned pair live with their spinster aunts and experience tragic results from their affairs and marriages, until finally breaking the curse that haunts their lives. Medea is also trine to Neptune films at 22 Scorpio, which asteroid Hekate at 14 Taurus broadly opposes, while tightly semisquare the 28 Gemini Sun.

Samantha is also semisextile Saturn career at 15 Aquarius, while Stevens at 20 Taurus is trined Jupiter and squared Saturn. When the series premiered on 17 Septembertransit Samantha at 8 Virgo conjoined Mercury and Pluto the power—Pluto—of media—Mercury at 6 and 14 Virgo, straddling her natal Jupiter, with Stevens at 29 Cancer conjunct Mars at 1 Leo and exactly inconjunct Saturn at 29 Aquarius.

Sabrina appears to be a typical teen until her sixteenth birthday, when a series of comical mishaps force her aunts to reveal to her that she is in fact a witch.

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Asteroid Circe at 9 Scorpio trines Jupiter and is exactly semisextile Neptune at 9 Sagittarius, and asteroid Medea at 18 Libra conjoins Uranus at 26 Libra and is exactly sesquiquadrate Jupiter.

From the classic to the comic, witches on TV and the silver screen have fascinated, beguiled, enchanted, spooked and scared us, and their celestial referents have been right there, backing them up and casting their own unique spell.

At one time the most visible face of the emerging Wiccan religion, Leek authored more than 60 books on occult subjects, and was an important advocate for and influence on the movement. Circe is also at the Apex of a Yod, or Finger of Destiny, with inconjunct aspects to Jupiter publishing, religious belief systems at 1 Taurus and Pluto transformational, catalytic figure at 2 Cancer. Asteroid Medea at 21 Capricorn opposes Saturn career, establishment or foundation of authority at 24 Cancer, which is also sextiled by asteroid Hekate at 27 Taurus.

In the birth charts of ordinary mortals, Circe can indicate where we have the power to bewitch others, causing them to do our bidding or transforming them into something more suitable to our own ends and desires, using our innate charms to manipulate and control others.

And Hekate can indicate prophetic ability, the power to align with forces greater than ourselves, to embrace union with the beyond. To discover your asteroid placements, visit www. Hekate is sextile Medea in Pisces 12 degrees in my 2nd house. Thank you! Great article! Hekate is Capricorn 13 degrees conjunct my Sun in Capricorn 14 degrees.An occultation is an event that occurs when one object is hidden by another object that passes between it and the observer.

The term is often used in astronomybut can also refer to any situation in which an object in the foreground blocks from view occults an object in the background. In this general sense, occultation applies to the visual scene observed from low-flying aircraft or computer-generated imagery when foreground objects obscure distant objects dynamically, as the scene changes over time.

What is an occultation?

If the closer body does not entirely conceal the farther one, the event is called a transit. Both transit and occultation may be referred to generally as occlusion ; and if a shadow is cast onto the observer, it is called an eclipse. The term occultation is most frequently used to describe those relatively frequent occasions when the Moon passes in front of a star during the course of its orbital motion around the Earth.

Since the Moon, with an angular speed with respect to the stars of 0. Events that take place on the Moon's dark limb are of particular interest to observers, because the lack of glare allows these occultations to more easily be observed and timed. Neither planetary nor lunar occultations of Pollux are currently possible, however in several thousand years this will be the case, as it was in the far past.

Some notably close deep-sky objectssuch as the Pleiadescan be occulted by the Moon. Within a few kilometres of the edge of an occultation's predicted path, referred to as its northern or southern limit, an observer may see the star intermittently disappearing and reappearing as the irregular limb of the Moon moves past the star, creating what is known as a grazing lunar occultation.

From an observational and scientific standpoint, these "grazes" are the most dynamic and interesting of lunar occultations.

The accurate timing of lunar occultations is performed regularly by primarily amateur astronomers. Lunar occultations timed to an accuracy of a few tenths of a second have various scientific uses, particularly in refining our knowledge of lunar topography.

Photoelectric analysis of lunar occultations have also discovered some stars to be very close visual or spectroscopic binaries.

Some angular diameters of stars have been measured by timing of lunar occultations, which is useful for determining effective temperatures of those stars. Early radio astronomers found occultations of radio sources by the Moon valuable for determining their exact positions, because the long wavelength of radio waves limited the resolution available through direct observation.

This was crucial for the unambiguous identification of the radio source 3C with the optical quasar and its jet, [2] and a fundamental prerequisite for Maarten Schmidt 's discovery of the cosmological nature of quasars.

Several times during the year the Moon can be seen occulting a planet. An observer located within that narrow zone could observe the planet's disk partly blocked by the slowly moving Moon. The same mechanism can be seen with the Sun, where observers on Earth will view it as a solar eclipse. Therefore, a total solar eclipse is essentially simply the Moon occulting the Sun. Stars may also be occulted by planets.

Heaven's Gate (religious group)

Occultations of bright stars are rare. InVenus occulted Regulusand the next occultation of a bright star also Regulus by Venus will be in On 3 JulySaturn passed in front of the 5th magnitude star 28 Sagittarii. Pluto occulted stars in, andallowing its tenuous atmosphere to be studied via atmospheric limb sounding.

In rare cases, one planet can pass in front of another.

occult asteroids

If the nearer planet appears larger than the more distant one, the event is called a mutual planetary occultation. Jupiter rarely occults Saturn. This is one of the rarest events known, perhaps repeating once every millions of years, and the last such occultation was in the age of dinosaurs [ citation needed ] and the next one is in February This event is visible worldwide since the duo would be positioned almost opposite to the sun, in the border line between the constellation of Orion and Taurus.

In some areas this occultation cannot be seen, but when viewed through even small telescopes, both gas giants appear to be in the same part of view through the eyepiece. A further set of occultations are those when a minor planet here encompassing an asteroid or distant minor planet such as a plutoid ice dwarf passes in front of a startemporarily blocking its light as seen from Earth.

A cross-sectional profile of the shape of an asteroid can even be determined if a number of observers at different, nearby, locations observe the occultation. Occultations have also been used to estimate the diameter of trans-Neptunian objects such as TXIxionand Varuna.

In addition, mutual occultation and eclipsing events can occur between a minor planet and its satellite. A large number of these minor-planet moons have been discovered analyzing the photometric light curves of rotating minor planets and detecting a second, superimposed brightness variation, from which an orbital period for the satellite secondaryand a secondary-to-primary diameter-ratio for the binary system can often be derived.

Because of its relatively large angular diameter the Moon, at any given time, occults an indeterminate number of stars and galaxies.Great feature, IQ!!! You realise this is going to keep me busy for the next few days!! IP: Logged. Is it a pure coincidence that I am inspired to look into this matter a week before Abe's th birth anniversary?

Was does regressed mean, please IQ. Pardon my ignorance!! But it is totally fascinating that you have discovered patterns. DNA seems quite a powerful asteroid. Do you relate the two together at all, IQ? As in conjunctions, trines?

Ad1860n dac

Would that produce greater power when DNA and Isis make aspect with each other? BTW what asteroids would you consider as occult asteroids? There is quite a bit of talk on the internet that he is Lincoln reincarnated, and I would be interested in your analysis. If two people were the same soul with A having been born before B, there would be very strong links between 1. A's chart progressed to B's birth time. B's chart regressed to A's birth time. B's chart regressed to A's death time.

If B is dead, then A's chart progressed to B's death time The next two are untested by me but I feel they will show supporting info the above 4.

Draconic of B and A progressed to B's birth time.

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HelioCentric of A and B regressed to A's birth time. I tested the top 4 for Lincoln-JFK, the match is amazing. I found many such links between Edgar Cayce and Dave Wilcock too. I feel Obama could be the reincarnation of Frederick Douglass. So, to see if a past life contact has taken place, I would regress my birthchart to the birthchart of the other individual?

That is the same as conversed progression, right? And are yo using secondary progression or solar arc? Thanks for the occult asteroid. What exactly am I looking for? I mean do l just make myself a chart for the same date as their birth date or does that just give me the same chart as them?

This is SO interesting and yet so confusing too. Can l regress my chart to King Tut's chart to see if l was his wife or him in a past life please? That kind of thing? Yeah l know DD, i'm confused too! I have tried that out with an example. I do not really think I was her, but noticed that her chart had some strong contacts to mine, in the way that we seemed to be opposite sides of a coin.

For ancestral checks, DNA should fit the bill. Nice synastry. Iqhunk unregistered.Welcome, Unregistered. Gossip, show off, hot topic, spiritual thoughts, Sun sign astrological discussions, chit chat: come in and share! View First Unread. Asteroids of Beauty.

For as long as I can remember, people have been trying to find planetary aspects and placements for beauty in an attempt to find a beauty 'formula' in a chart. Well, I haven't seen much discussions about asteroids influencing beauty, so lets talk about it now!

Some of you don't take Asteroids that seriously, and I can see where you're coming from But they're at least fun to look at and worth a try. Does anyone have any more of these beauty indicator Asteroids? And how are they placed in your chart? Originally Posted by Zarathu. Aphrodite: "procreativity through refined expressions of beauty, sex, and fertility.

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Find all posts by theV. I have Aphrodite Conjunct Regulus and Moon in the 5th. I had always assumed Venus to be Aphrodite, but it seems I was mistaken? These asteroids are rightfully confusing. I have Eros conjunct my Sun. It can show someone who is highly sexual or passionate in other ways, and possibly one that is in love with love or has incessant infatuations. I do have the incessant infatuations, thankfully short-lived, and I try not to be sexually appealing.

Often, the individual oozes sexuality in some way. The mind is often focused on sex and infatuation. Originally Posted by Blaze. A lot of asteroid interest lately around here. Does this mean I'm beautiful?

Last edited by conspiracy theorist; at PM. Reason: lately i've been making a lot mistakes. Originally Posted by conspiracy theorist.

Originally Posted by ashriia. It means your too sexy for your shirt. It means your MC is beautiful but you're gonna cheat on your wife with some Aries chick. Why an Aries tho? Is it because my Venusian beauty is irresistible to Martial chicas?It was founded in and led by Marshall Applewhite — and Bonnie Nettles — They had participated in a mass suicidea coordinated series of ritual suicidesin order to reach what they believed was an extraterrestrial spacecraft following Comet Hale—Bopp.

Just before the mass suicide, the group's website was updated with the message: "Hale—Bopp brings closure to Heaven's Gate Our 22 years of classroom here on planet Earth is finally coming to conclusion—'graduation' from the Human Evolutionary Level. We are happily prepared to leave 'this world' and go with Ti's crew. The son of a Presbyterian minister and a former soldier, Marshall Applewhite began his foray into biblical prophecy in the early s. After being fired from the University of St.

Thomas in HoustonTexas over an alleged relationship with one of his male students, he met Bonnie Nettlesa year-old married nurse with an interest in theosophy and biblical prophecy, in March It has been rumored that it was a psychiatric hospital, but Nettles was substituting for another nurse working with premature babies in the nursery. Applewhite and Nettles pondered the life of St. Francis of Assisi and read works by authors including Helena BlavatskyR.

Laingand Richard Bach. Heinlein and Arthur C. This event, which they referred to as "the Demonstration", was to prove their claims. Eventually, Applewhite and Nettles resolved to contact extraterrestrials, and they sought like-minded followers. They published advertisements for meetings, where they recruited disciples, whom they called "the crew". They stated that those who agreed to take part in the experiment would be brought to a higher evolutionary level.

Later inthe crew assembled at a hotel in WaldportOregon. After selling all "worldly" possessions and saying farewell to loved ones, the group vanished from the hotel and from the public eye.

It's a mystery whether they've been taken on a so-called trip to eternity—or simply been taken.

occult asteroids

From that point, "Do and Ti" pronounced "doe and tee"as the two now called themselves, led the nearly one-hundred-member crew across the country, sleeping in tents and sleeping bags and begging in the streets.

Evading detection by the authorities and media enabled the group to focus on Do and Ti's doctrine of helping members of the crew achieve a "higher evolutionary level" above human, to which they claimed to have already reached.

Applewhite and Nettles used a variety of aliases over the years, notably " Bo and Peep " and " Do and Ti ".

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